Surplus Property FAQ

Surplus is defined as all tangible supplies, materials or equipment to which the County acquired title by means of purchase, donation, grant, or any other lawful means of acquisition that is determined to no longer be useful or required by the agency/department in possession thereof.  It does not include real property. Real property sales are handled via the County Real Estate Department.

If items cannot be used within the County, they are sold at public auction.  The County of Orange has contracted the services of GovDeals which provides an online auction system.  Persons wishing to purchase County surplus should visit and register for the opportunity to bid on our items. 

The County sends a variety of items to auction, categorized into two main groups: miscellaneous and vehicles.

  • Miscellaneous auctions include (but are not limited to): Office furniture and equipment, industrial machinery and tools, household and industrial appliances, office supplies, sporting goods, etc. 
  • Vehicle auctions include (but are not limited to): Cars, vans, pickup trucks, police cars, heavy equipment, utility vehicles and aircraft.

Since the County is using an Online Auction service, when we do have items available, the auctions are open for bidding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Items are posted regularly.  Please check on a regular basis for new listings.

The County has a contract with Gold’n West Surplus. All County electronic surplus and e-waste items are sent to Gold’n West for proper recycling.

The County of Orange puts all their contracts out for competitive bidding via our Online Bidding System. Prospective vendors should register in our system to be notified of future bid releases. There is no charge to receive County of Orange bids. Please sign up here.