The Procurement Office is a division of the County Executive Office (CEO) that provides corporate level procurement support to the County. The County Purchasing Agent, as head of the Procurement Office is responsible for implementing and enforcing Board of Supervisors and CEO policies pertaining to County procurement. The Procurement Office is charged with ensuring that the County's process is fair, competitive, efficient and conducted under strict ethical guidelines.

The Board of Supervisors delegates the authority to procure all goods and services to the County Purchasing Agent. This authority is then delegated to Deputy Purchasing Agents located at each agency and department. Under direction of the CEO, the Procurement Office ensures that proper safeguards are in place for maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity by providing procurement support, training and oversight countywide.


Our mission is to provide County leadership in procurement through effective collaboration, teamwork, training and oversight to ensure a procurement process that is fair, cost effective, efficient and in accordance with Board policy as well as state and local statutes.


Public employment is a public trust. It is our duty to conduct purchasing processes in an ethical manner that builds public confidence and preserves the integrity of an open and fair procurement process. The Procurement Office, as a regional leader in public procurement must set the example and build opportunities for cooperative purchasing to ensure public funds are expended in a manner that provides maximum benefit to the taxpayers of Orange County.


The County Procurement Office serves the CEOs Office as a Procurement Corporate entity, overseeing the Procurements across the 26 County departments.

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Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Awards


The County Procurement Office is once again the proud recipient of the prestigious Achievement of Excellence in Procurement (AEP) award for 2021. This is the eighth consecutive year the County Procurement Office has won the AEP Award – having also received the award in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. County Procurement Office also earned the AEP Award in 2007.


2021 Achievement of Excellence in Procurement


Previous Consecutive Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Awards